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2021 Tunnel of Trees, Side X Side Tournament

September 10–12, 2021

Friday September 10, 2021

All shooting venues will be open at 10:00AM on Friday for registered shooters, club members and the general public. Any type of shotgun may be used on Friday to include O/U, Semi-automatics, and pumps.

On Friday the Hunters Clays course will consist of an all gauge 72 target, 12 station course and the small gauge 36 target, 6 station course.

Tournament Guidelines

Part One: Hunter’s Clays Event

The Hunters Clays course will take place on Saturday and Sunday and will consist of 80 targets each day for a total of 160 clays. There will be two rotations each day. Earliest registration will get their preferences for the Part One – Hunter’s Clays event start times on Saturday and Sunday. Please see the registration form for rotation days and times.

A shooter may shoot any gauge side X side shotgun for the tournament. Prizes will be awarded for High Overall (HOA) and awarded for each separate gauge. Prizes will also be awarded to (HOA) for seniors, women and juniors and gun down. In the event of ties, tiebreaker stations from the Hunters Clays course will be used to determine the winner.

Part Two: The Triple Crown Event

Part Two -The Triple Crown event will occur on Friday and Saturday. The Triple Crown consists of three games: Five Stand, Sky Busters and Crazy Quail. To complete for prizes in The Triple Crown you must be a registered shooter. All games must be shot with a Side X Side shotgun. Included with your registration fee will be three tickets which allow you to shoot the Five Stand (25 targets), Sky Busters (25 targets) and Crazy Quail (25 targets) to compete in The Triple Crown Event. You will be scored on your cumulative targets broken for Five Stand, Sky Busters and Crazy Quail. To add to your shooting enjoyment you may shoot any and all of these three games as many times as you like to improve your score by simply purchasing additional tickets. The cut off time for shooting and scoring for this event is 3 PM on Saturday.

Prizes for The Triple Crown will be awarded at the Saturday evening cookout.

Five Stand

Five stand will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be shot as part of The Triple Crown or as a side game. As the name implies the game has a total of 5 shooting stations with 8 traps located around the field. A total of 25 targets are presented as various speeds, heights and angles. This is a test of your shooting skills

Sky Buster

Sky Busters will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be shot as part of The Triple Crown or as a side game. This game will challenge the shooters by presenting 25 incoming targets from a variety of traps. There will be five stations from which the shooter will be required to shoot.

Ladies may shoot the Sky Busters for free on Friday after 4:00PM.

Crazy Quail

Crazy quail will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be shot as part of The Triple Crown or a side game. A favorite shooting venue at the Emmet County Sportmen’s Club. The game consists of 25 targets which will be thrown from one or more traps. The crazy quail machine randomly throws targets 360 degrees. Additional traps may be used to support the crazy quail. The shooter will shoot 5 targets from 5 different stations. No person has ever shot a perfect score of 25 on the ECSC crazy quail game.


Early registration is encouraged to get your preferred rotation times on Saturday and Sunday. Registration is being capped at 100 shooters.

  • $215.00 for the Hunter’s Clays and The Triple Crown events.
    • $235.00 after August 31, 2021
  • $195.00 for ladies and Youth 17 and under for the Hunter’s Clays and The Triple Crown events.
    • $215.00 after August 31, 2021
  • $20.00 Small gauge, 6 stations, 36 targets (Friday only).
  • $40.00 All gauges, 12 stations, 72 targets (Friday only).
  • $10.00 for side game tickets.
  • $20.00 for each additional cookout ticket.
  • $10.00 Camp Site per night.

Pricing includes Saturday evening cookout and continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.


Motorized carts are REQUIRED for the Saturday and Sunday Hunter’s Clays event due to time constraints, the length of the Hunter Clays course and the hilly terrain. Bring your own cart or rent a cart from the Great Lakes Golf Cars at 231-258-7040. Mention the carts are for the Tunnel of Tress, Side X Side shoot in Harbor Springs, Michigan on September 10-12, 2021. Cost of a 2 person cart is $150.00 and 4 person cart is $220.00 for the 3 day event. The Emmet County Sportmen’s Club will pay the cart delivery fee and insurance. Your cart will be delivered on Thursday, September 9, 2021.


Vendors will not be participating in this year’s tournament. Shooters should bring their required ammunition. There will be no special ammunition available through the Emmet County Sportmen’s Club.

Food and Refreshments

A BYOB cookout will be provided to all registered shooters and their guests on Saturday evening. The cookout is included in the price of the registration. There is an additional fee of $20.00 for each guest.

A continental breakfast will be available on Saturday and Sunday morning.

For your luncheon pleasure a wide variety of deli sandwiches will be available to order on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Included with the sandwich is a bag of chips and a pickle. These deli sandwiches are prepared fresh the days they are ordered. A menu and order form for each day will be in your registration package. Cost of the deli sandwich is $10.00.

Bottled water is always available in coolers near the clubhouse and on the Hunters Clay’s course.

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