Tunnel of Trees Side x Side Shotgun Tournament

2022 Tunnel of Trees, Side X Side Tournament

September 9-11, 2022
Information and Tournament Rules

Shooter Information

This document provides updated information concerning the 2022 Tunnel of Trees, Side X Side tournament.

The format for the 2022 Tunnel of Trees tournament is similar to the 2021 format. There will be three separate events within the overall Tunnel of Trees Tournament.

On Friday the preliminary small gauge and all gauge takes place on the Hunters Clays course.  The Triple Crown Event takes place on Friday and Saturday and the Hunters Clays main event occurs on Saturday and Sunday.  These events are scored separately.

Event Number One

Fridays Events—Preliminary Warmups

Double CrossThe preliminary warmup event will occur on Friday and is available to registered shooters, club members and the general public.  The Hunters clays course and the side event venues will be available for all shooters.

Any type of shotgun may be used to include side x sides, semiautomatics, pump and O/U.  However, registered shooters competing for prizes may use only side x side shotguns.

There will be two options for the preliminary Hunters Clay Course on Friday.  The Hunters Clays course will be split into a small-bore course (stations 1-6) with 36 targets at $20.00.  The second option is to shoot the entire course (stations 1-12) with 72 targets at $40.00 with any gauge shotgun.

  • The small-bore course will be for .410, 28, 20 and 16 gauge shotguns.
  • The 72 bird course stations 1-12 maybe shot with any gauge shotgun.

You may shoot only one gun per scorecard.  You may shoot the course as many times as you like with the purchase of additional scorecards.  For registered shooters your highest score will count towards a prize.

Prizes for the Friday Hunters Clays courses will be awarded to registered shooters with SXS shotguns only in the gauges listed below:

  • HOA All gauge 72 bird event
  • HOA 16 gauge 36 bird event
  • HOA 20 gauge 36 bird event
  • HOA 28 gauge 36 bird event
  • HOA 410 gauge 36 bird event

Event Number Two

 The Triple Crown Event

Hunters StandThe Triple Crown Event will consist of a total of 75 targets. Twenty-five targets each at 3 separate venues: Hunters 5-Stand, Sky Busters Challenge and Pheasant Mania. Your registration package will include 3 tickets: one for each of these venues.  If you want to improve your score just purchase additional tickets.  Your highest score for the three events will be your final score.  The Triple Crown will conclude at 4:00PM on Saturday.  For your score to count toward a prize your final scores must be turned into the official scorer by 4:00PM. The winners will be announced at dinner on Saturday evening.

Hunters 5 Stand:  The shooter is presented with 5 targets per stand consisting of a single target (1), one following pair of targets (2) and one true pair of targets (2).  The shooter will shoot 5 targets from 5 different stands for a total of 25 targets. By purchasing additional tickets the shooter may shoot this event as many times as needed to obtain the best score.

Sky Busters ChallengeSky Busters Challenge:  The shooter is presented with 5 high flying incoming targets per station.  There are five stations from which to shoot.  Each station will consist of one single target (1) and two true pairs for a total of 25 targets.  By purchasing additional tickets the shooter may shoot this event as many times as needed to obtain the best score.

As an additional bonus the ladies may shoot Sky Busters Challenge free after 4:00PM on Friday.

Pheasant Mania:  The shooter is presented with a variety of targets from multiple traps.  The shooter will shoot from five different stations.  From each station the shooter will be presented with a single (1) target, and two report pairs (4) targets for a total of 25 targets.  By buying additional tickets the shooter may shoot this event as many times as needed to obtain the best score.

Event Number Three

Main Hunters Clays EventMain Hunters Clays Event

The Main Hunters Clays Event will be shot on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be two rotations each day.  Shooters will shoot 80 targets per day for a total of 160 targets.  Your registration package will contain your squading and shooting schedule.  The shooters rotation schedule is determined primarily upon date of registration.  Due to the number of registered shooters it has been necessary to make the number of morning and afternoon rotations as even as possible to accommodate trap capacity.

For Safety reasons, shooters will be required to drive the carts in one direction around the Hunters Clays course.  The Hunters Clays cart path is hilly, narrow and steep.  Think safety!

Side Games

Side games will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The side games will consist of Sky Busters Challenge, Hunters Five Stand and Pheasant Mania.  However, on Sunday Pheasant Mania will be replaced by shooting a challenging game of high flying targets out of the Coop.


Side GameEarly registration is encouraged to get your preferred rotation times on Saturday and Sunday.  Registration is being capped at 100 shooters.

  • $230.00 for Hunters Clays and the Triple Crown Events.
    • $250.00 after 8/31/2022
  • $215.00 for women and youth 17 and under.
      • $235.00 after 8/31/2022
  • $20.00 Small gauge, 6 stations, 36 targets (Friday only)
  • $40.00 All gauges, 12 stations, 72 targets (Friday only)
  • $20.00 Camping fee. Space limited to 5 camping vehicles.
  • $30.00 Extra meal fee.
  • $10.00 Side Games tickets.

Pricing includes a continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and a cookout on Saturday evening.  The cookout starts at approximately 5:00PM.  Please BYOB for the cookout.

Safety Rules

  • While driving or riding in a cart all guns must be unloaded with the action open or unloaded and in a case.
  • Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times when shooting or standing near a shooting station.
  • Actions are to be left open until the shooter is ready to call for a target.
  • No shot is allowed larger than 7.5.
  • Leaving the safety on will not result in a lost bird. The targets will be repeated with nothing established.
  • Alcohol consumption prior to and during shooting is strictly prohibited.

Hunters Clays Rules

  • Hunters Clays Shooting StandCount-Up Card. One shooter per squad will be issued a count-up card for the Hunters Clays course.  This count-up card is to be used for Saturday and Sunday on the Hunters Clays course. The count up card is to be placed in the station card reader and will remain in the card reader while the squad is shooting. The traps will not operate without the count-up card in the station card reader. The count-up card will be used to keep track of targets thrown for the Hunters Clays course.  The count-up card should be returned to the registration desk after shooting the Hunters Clay course on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Only the first shooter in the squad may request to see show birds at each station. They may see each single in report pairs and one true pair for a total of 4 show birds per squad.
  • Second broken bird in a following pair and a true pair nothing established and the pair must be shot over.
  • Second broken bird in a report pair, the first bird is established, shoot pair over.
  • True pairs: Any broken bird, the pair must be shot over with no results established.

Senior Division

A female or male shooter 70 years of age or older can be designated as a Senior shooting in the senior division and scored against other Seniors.  The High Overall score for Senior female and High Overall score for Senior male will win a Tunnel of Trees Plaque and prize.

SceneryTie Breakers

Tie breaker for the Hunters Clays event will be the longest contiguous run without missing.

Tie Breaker for the Triple Crown event will be the longest run on the Hunters Five Stand in the round the shooter counted.

Continental Breakfast

A continental breakfast will be available on Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 7:30 am located on the front porch of the clubhouse. 


Lunch will be available for the donation price of a ticket on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Motorized carts are REQUIRED both Saturday and Sunday for the Hunters Clays event due to time constraints, the length of Hunters Clays course and the hilly terrain.  Bring your own cart or rent a cart from the Great Lakes Golf Carts at 231-258-7040.  Mention the carts are for the Tunnel of Trees, SXS shoot at the Emmet County Sportmen’s Club in Harbor Springs, MI on September 9-11, 2022.  Cost of a 2-person cart is $184.00 and a 4-person cart is $308.00 for the 3-day event.  The Emmet County Sportmen’s Club will pay for the delivery fee and the insurance.  Your cart will be delivered on Thursday, September 8, 2022 to the club.

Special Ammunition

There is no ammunition available at the Emmet County Sportmen’s Club.  Please bring all the ammunition you need.

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